Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Garden Shows

It's that time of year again! Communities across the country are gearing up for the onslaught of spring garden shows that crop up (pun intended) during the late winter and early spring months each year. Here in Nashville there are three "major" shows and they begin in February with The Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville ( After working on this show for nearly 15 years, I swore that I was going to "retire" and just enjoy the beautiful gardens and booths as a spectator. My retirement was short-lived.

I received a phone call from one of the movers and shakers in the show a few weeks back saying that there had been a last minute change in plans and that they were short a design/install group for one of the gardens and would I be willing to take it on? In an obvious moment of weakness, I agreed. What WAS I thinking!?! Anyway, look for us at the show. We'll be there. The plans are laid and, one way or another, we'll pull it off!

Following the Antiques and Garden Show is the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show ( from March 5th-8th. I'll be speaking again this year on the 8th--time and topic to be determined. I'll have it posted on my website ( on the list of speaking engagements as soon as I know all of the details.

The final spring show in our area is the Bloom 'n' Garden Expo (, hosted by the Williamson County Master Gardeners Association. It's a young show--only 6 years old--but has come along way in just a few short years. The gardens get better and better every year and there are always alot of cool plants for sale. I'm speaking again at this show, though time, date, etc. are still up in the air at the moment. This, too, will be posted on my website once I know all of the details.

In addition to these events there are a number of other plant sales that happen in and around the community. These include the Wildflower Fair at Cheekwood, the Herb Society of Nashville's Herb Sale, the Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee's plant sale and I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting off the top of my head. (If I've forgotten you, email me and I'll add the information.) Most of these happen between mid-March and mid-April and more information can be found by Googling them, I'm sure.

Well, I'm off to select plants for the Antiques & Garden Show garden, so will have to cut this short. We're gearing up for spring around here, regardless of the fact that it was only 10 degrees this morning! I hope you're getting in the mood where you live, too!

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Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about the hours people devote to crafting such beautiful exhibits. It must be a huge task. But so worth it. Good luck.